Junior colts - activities

Here are details including dates of some of the activities planned for the junior colts over the coming months;

Forthcoming events

Various events will crop up, from social activities to days out at badminton events, such as the All England Championships at the NIA. We also get the chance to go to exhibition matches and the All England to see some of the worlds best players. Any forthcoming events will be detailed.

Tournament dates

We will occasionally arrange one day tournaments, usually in a doubles format. We will also look to handicap the players, so everyone has a chance of winning. We will usually present prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Details of any forthcoming tournaments will be posted here;


Ladder league

Occasionally we will run a ladder over a period of several weeks, usually in a doubles format, but occasionally singles. Prizes will be presented for the winners and runners up. Details of the next ladder league will be posted here;

Friendly matches

We will occasionally arrange friendly matches with local clubs, details will be posted here. 


The coaches at Colmers Farm have set up courses to help improve badminton skills, placing club players on these courses. We have set up leaders award courses for over 16 year olds, and will do so in the future if sufficient interest.

Competition/tournament results

Here are the results from the annual 'summer tournament' held at Colmers Farm B.C. Winners get to keep an engraved trophy for one year.

Year Winners

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